Medicare Part D Subsidy Recovery


When the Medicare Modernization Act was passed a few years ago, it provided significant tax free subsidies to employers that provide substantial prescription plans to their retirees. The subsidy is 28% of actual paid claims between the thresholds of $310 and $6,300 for 2010.


While the prospect of this tax-free payment may sound great, the recordkeeping, interaction with the RDS website, and calculations that are involved in collecting the subsidy are often daunting tasks and more than most companies want or have the time to deal with.


Boomershine Consulting Group (BCG) has the expertise and experience to manage this process for you. BCG will complete all the tasks that are involved in collecting the subsidy, keeping the employer's involvement to a minimum, including the numerous tasks included in:

  • Taking over as Account Manager
  • Creating updating creditable coverage notices
  • Keeping personnel informedof all important developments related to Medicare Part D and the subsidy program

In addition, since we will already have census and claim information, we will automatically complete an audit of the Medicare eligible Rx claims.


For more information about how BCG can help your company with the Medicare Part D subsidy and related tasks, please contact Marshal Banks at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it , 410-418-5355 or complete the request form under Contact Us.